Andro Offspring


Andro's first litter in America, since his import, is beginning to show off their stuff... I am so excited with hope and great expectations for all the new puppies currently on the ground throughout the US to continue Andro's legacy... Undefeated in the United States Stud Dog Class Both USRC and ARV Clubs.


Congrats - Lakeside's Kahlua Best Puppy in Show (over all breeds) in 2004 Mexican Kennel Club National.


Congratulations to Lakeside's Kinder 2004 SW Regional Youth Siegerin from 12-18 month class.


Andro is a proven producer over and over again with his offspring competing and winning worldwide.


Ch. '03' SE Regional Youth Siegerin, Multi VI - Diva vom Rectorrebell, AD - V1 - Champion Class ARV 2004 Nationals.


Winning the World over; 2003 Klubsieger Show winners;

SG1-12-18-18m-Delya vom Bamberger-Tal V1 CAC Geb. Klass - 6/13/04 Lech-Spezialzuchtschau also winning V2 - 2003 World show - daughter

V1-Sieger 2004 Nurnberg - Judge; Jurgen Wulff -Geb. Class-Balou vom Bamberger-Tal  two time Sieger - 6/13/04 V1 Sieger Lech-Spezialzuchtschau show also winning V2 2003 World Show -son

V-Bayar vom Bamberger-Tal Gek. 5-23-06 - son congratulations on passing the Korung in Germany

V-Geb. Elcan von der Lonigskanzel - son

V - 2002 Euro show Espo vom Kummulsee - daughter